About us

Hello, we are the BCS Bees, a group of fifth and sixth graders from Birmingham Covington School. For several years, we have been trying to raise awareness and share knowledge of the problems honey bees are having.

Bees are having a hard time surviving because of diseases like American Foul Brood and Colony Collapse Disorder. Also, parasites have become a big problem like Varoa mites which help spread disease.

Because of pollution and high pesticide use, people are already starting to hand pollinate in some parts of China.

Bees are really importent because they pollinate 2/3 of our food chain. Like in the "Bee Movie" when they stopped pollinating there were no fruits and plants.

The Bees are real important! We have been doing many things to help bees such as creating bee boxes and hives all made by students. We have multiple groups full of students helping our cause. From groups to make hives to groups that make bee merchandise. There are two types of groups research and action. Action works on going out and helping bees like making boxes.